Mike Town

State Trial Judge, Honolulu

Trainer - Hawaii

Mike Town is a mediator/arbitrator for Dispute Prevention Resolution Hawai`i and a state Parole Commissioner.  He retired as a state trial judge after 30+ years of service in 2010 hearing a variety of family and criminal cases and serving as administrative judge of the Family Court.  He attended Stanford University, where he participated in intercollegiate crew and boxing.  He then joined the United States Peace Corps and served as athletic director and basketball coach for the University of Cauca in Colombia, South America.  Mike has coached basketball, volleyball, swimming and outrigger canoe paddling including paddling the Moloka`i channel 6 times.  He was the Statewide Chair for the Boys and Girls Club of Hawai`i and now chairs the Statewide Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs.  He is an advocate for the Hawaii youth waterman-waterwoman initiative and Nakamakai Ocean Awareness Clinic.  He speaks locally and nationally to judges and other justice professionals on courts, communities and key values for our nation's youth including preventive, therapeutic and restorative justice including “judge as coach.”  He is a father of four and a grandfather of five.  He is fluent in Spanish.

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